Welcome to Relationship Happiness:Self Worth Skills to make it your own.

Dec 16, 2021
Welcome to a new chapter in your life. Your Relationship Happiness chapter.  
First, a heads up - this chapter only happens with help. 
So, welcome to help. 
You can start saying good-bye to pining away for affection, significance, belonging, happiness.
“How do I do that?” you ask.
By learning Self Worth Skills.
Self Worth Skills?” 
Yes. Self Worth Skills make Relationship Happiness possible.  
“How do they do this?”
Self Worth Skills affirm your inner sense of worthiness. Simple as that. 
This next fact might come as a surprise. 
You do not have to waste one more minute of your one wild and precious life on: 
  • second guessing 
  • self doubt   
  • plain old fashioned heart ache 
Yes, really.
When I was living in never ending relationship exhaustion, sadness, and anxiety (for over four decades) I couldn’t have imagined that, let alone have believed it.
Upset, unease, resentment, enabling, and over-giving filled my relationships. I was trying to make myself needed…to substitute for being lovable. Get the picture? 
Then, in a blink, that whole stinkin' house of cards came tumbling down taking me, and my extremely sad and stressed heart, right along with it...straight to the beauty of rock bottom. 
And just like that, I could no longer muster up the energy to manufacture some sort of "acceptable" me. (unconsciously of course ‘cause that’s how that works) 
I crawled into my sister's guest bedroom. Didn't come out for weeks. Xanax helped me eat. My physician wisely refused to give me a refill so I turned to sipping vodka at night to get relief from sadness and grief.
The genuine desperation for kind, loving care would no longer be ignored. And then came this realization - this unattended to desperation was perpetuating relationship anguish.
For the first time I recognized the gut wrenching pressure of believing I had to make up for the burden of my actual existence. 
How many of us have those kinds of unconscious beliefs running the show from behind the scenes? No wonder we’re exhausted.
That was the beginning of a three year deep dive into recovering from co-dependent behaviors and, what I now know, was an absence of steady self worth.
The one thing I knew for sure - I wanted a loving relationship. And man, oh man, did I have some work to do. 
First was admitting I, on my own, was powerless over the beliefs that compelled me to sell out my dignity. 12 step wisdom rocks. 
I asked for help. I accepted help. I made frantic phone calls to dear friends instead of going to see an ex partner where I would engage in toxic behaviors.  
Somewhere along the line I came to understand the behaviors of self worth are learnable. 
That’s when everything - and I mean everything - turned around in my life.  
I’m truly thrilled to tell you…
  • Self Worth Skills make Relationship Happiness possible.
  • You can learn and practice Self Worth Skills. I can help. 
  • Self Worth Skills allow you attend to yourself and others with care, kindness, and consideration.
No more pining away for affection, significance, belonging, happiness.
The Relationship Happiness you dream of already knows you. It wants to help you let it embrace you. It’s nice like that. 
I believe this with all my heart. I believe this for you. 

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